Pentatonix at the Air Canada Centre, Toronto

These are captures of the American A capella group from Arlington, Texas known as Pentatonix often abbreviated as PTX. The group performed a variety of songs and covers, ranging from Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Meghan Trainor and Dolly Parton. There was a part of the show when they brought in the duo Us the Duo to help out on their cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. The Air Canada Centre was packed for a Monday night. I remember one of the members of PTX mentioned how amazing it was to see so many people coming to watch an A capella group perform.

One of the highlights of the evening when Kevin Olusola of PTX performed on his cello while doing A Capella to this music. He was joined by the other members onwards.

The night was filled with great music, and the lighting/fx was awesome as well. I normally don’t get to stay for a show because I only apply for photo passes for my gigs. I was provided a reviewer pass at this show so right after I checked in my gear to guest services, I stayed until I had to catch the second to the last Go train home.

Pentatonix’s Youtube channel is at and their web page is

Thank you Ms Meghan Kehoe of RCA Records for the photo pass and Ms Chelsea Cardoso of MLSE for the reviewer pass.


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