An Evening with Jason Mraz & Raining Jane in Toronto

These are captures from Jason Mraz and Raining Jane when they played a short limited run in theatres, particularly the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. They celebrated their constant friendship with new material and familiar favorites.

I haven’t been shooting much lately, my dad lost his cancer battle a couple of weeks before this concert. He got diagnosed a few months before, I got distracted and things were a little bit grey. I was surprised to get approved to shoot this show and was not really up to shooting again. I’m glad I went against my initial thought of not going. Not only did I get to shoot one of my favorite artists, I also got to stay for the whole show. I asked permission and they were kind enough to let me stay and appreciate the show. Also, I saw a friend whom I’ve never seen in years, I did not recognize her at first but glad that she said hi. I take it as a sign that things are going to get better.


About Raymond Santos Photography

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