Red Carpet for Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale

These are captures from the red carpet from Dee Snider’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas Tale official opening night presentation. These are captures of the cast’s stars and notable guests as they walk the red carpet before the show. More info regarding the show can be found in their website at .

Notable guests who were in attendance were Brock Burford, Lisa Sunshine, Andee Leclerc, Megan Heffern, Farah Merani, Rick Vandyk, Sasha Stoltz, Mouna Traore, Suresh John (Mr. D), Mouna Traore, Arwen Humphreys, Jeremy Walmsley, Jennifer Valentyne, Chloe Wilde, Kurt & Judi Buckardt, Ed Roberts, Kevin Learn, Rachael Ancheril, Brian & Lynda Vollmer, Tyler & Jill Stewart, Jasmine Denham, Diego Fuentes (Remedy), Mary Francis Moore, Frank & Emm Gryner, John & Evonne Yonover, Bazil Donovan, Tarayn Hiddink, Beth Kates, Thom Allison, Micah Barnes, Menno Versteeg, Annie Murphy, Jeniffer Delucia, Daniel Stolfi, Mike Rice, Kate Miller, and Ashleigh Rains.

Thank you Zai and Rock-it Promotions for the red carpet invite.


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