Ben Watt with Bernard Butler live at the Drake Hotel

These are captures of English musician Ben Watt with ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler when they performed at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. My familiarity with Ben Watt was when he was part of the alt-pop duo, Everything But The Girl. Home Movies – Best of the Everything but the Girl was the first CD I ever bought back home, at the time cassettes were the predominant medium for music. The songs that he performed that evening were a bit dark songs but have a message of resilience. Watt said something like “whatever sh*t life throws at you, you have to go on and survive.” He shared stories about the album, a song that he wrote when he and his siblings went to a place where they were growing up, a song that he wrote after is father passed and a song he wrote for his brother in law right after his sister passed. Unfortunately his sister was looking forward to reading a book he was writing at the time but she was not able to, she passed just right before the book was published. I picked up the album Hendra from iTunes (and no, this is not the first album I bought from iTunes, in case whoever is reading this thinks that’s the case).

As of this writing, Ben is currently on tour, please visit his website at for more information. And if he’s playing near you or if you have a chance to hear him perform live, please do yourself a favor and come see the show.

Thank you to Collective Concerts ( for the photo pass.


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