The Little Mermaid – A Ross Petty Production at The Elgin Theatre

For me, Live Music Photography is not just about concerts and I’ve been wanting to capture shots from a stage play for quite some time but have been unsuccessful with my previous attempts until now. Our friend’s brother is part of the ensemble for the Little Mermaid held at the Elgin Theatre from November 22, 2013 – January 4, 2014.

My family and I were invited to watch one of the preview nights and I’m glad that we went. See, it’s a first for us, it was the first play that we brought our kids to, and also our first pantomime where the audience interacts with the actors/actresses during the performance. We had a great time and hopefully it’s something we can do as a family in the years to come.

The story is not what you think it is or something that you expect. It introduces quite a number of characters that may seem familiar but not exactly the same. Hopefully I have not confused you yet, but I recommend finding time to watch The Little Mermaid while it’s still in Elgin Theatre and have fun. For more information, visit their website , in FB rosspettyproductions and on twitter @rosspettypro .

I contacted the publicity company handling the production and I was allowed to capture shots during the first 15 minutes of the performance. Almost similar to concert photography wherein 3 songs, no flash is a standard. I shot from the soundboard located near the back of the theatre and below are my shots from the performance. Thank you FLIP Publicity & Promotions Inc for the photo pass.


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