CMT Hitlist Tour 2013 held at the GM Centre Oshawa

I saw a poster while I was shooting at the GM Centre regarding this tour featuring Emerson Drive, Doc Walker and special guest Aaron Pritchett. I knew I had to put my name in the hat and see if they’ll let me shoot at the concert or not. The show started with Tim Hicks playing an acoustic set, followed by Aaron Pritchett coming in from the crowd. Doc Walker performed right after Mr. Pritchett. Emerson Drive performed right after Doc Walker followed by a performance by both bands, a drum solo by their drummers and then a finale. There was no restriction for shooting at the show, only to be respectful to the audience and we were allowed to stay the whole show. I did, I shot and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Thank you to the GM Centre Oshawa, specially to Will for getting my name in the list of approvals for the CMT Hitlist Tour and thank you to the bands, their management/PR group for letting me capture moments from the show.

The show is free is one of Doc Walker’s hits that I can relate to. Some of the memorable lines from the song that I’d like to quote are: “I’m gonna live forever just wait and see”, “I’m gonna do things my way
or not at all”, “I’m not trying to sell you on anything, I’m just trying to tell you what I see” … I hope you all enjoy my shots from the show.


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